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    Archives of NUC was founded in March 2002, the formal archive section which belonging to the dean's office was absorbed in, and it is graded as deputy place class of school affiliated institution. subordinated to the leadership of headmaster's office, the executive vice President is in charge of archives work, and archives also accept the guidance , supervision and examination of national archives, the state education commission office records, archives and office of education of shanxi province.

    Now there are five people in this archives, senior title 2, intermediate title 2, primary title 1. Archives has two departments, one is comprehensive , responsible for safekeeping and use of students-oriented archives; the other is information development, responsible for safekeeping and use of electronic data. Archives has the warehouse area of 160 square meters, special Treasury 2. Equipped with computer, printer, duplicator, laser printer and recorder, which provides the material guarantee for the archives use and modern management. Archives keep the principle of archives work "on the service wholeheartedly for the school work, providing society ", actively to complete each work. For the convenience of using, we worked out various retrieval tools, we provide the retrieval services for you or your mail, welcome your enquiry at social unit and individual units, inquire (refused to call).

    The archive collection of NUC has began in 1949, at present we have more than 10000 files for various documents, physical files more than 600, photo files more than 1000 and the bent over 200 meters 。 Hidden files into party-mass management, administration, teaching, science research, production and scientific research development, the basic construction, equipment, publishing, foreign affairs, finance, audio-visual, physical character class, all kinds of files. Collection of precious archives are mainly: early yeas files and all the students build material, since all necessary inllumination, undertake by our national and provincial scientific research files, files, and scientific papers for inspection of national leaders, audio-visual p-file etc.




       There are two parts of collection , one part is open files and one is not open files. The using method can be consulting, lending, copy, excerpt, consultation, confirmation letter issued proof file, etc

    All units and individuals can use the open files by showing the ID card, employ card or recommendation, But if you want to use files which is not open or be kept by other organizations, you should have the consent of file department or other relevant organization.

    All files are looked up limited in this department in principle. As for the job needs lenders, out of time usually less than 7 days, the need for continued use due to special circumstances, should deal with procedures

    The user should response for secrecy, safety and integrity of the files, can not spread, fouling, alter, lent and lost. If not, it will be seriously treated according to the relevant rules and regulations, up to legal responsibility.

    When reading (loan) and return, the files should be checked by the offer and archivists together, and check inventory on written procedures.

    No permission of superior departments or this department, the units and individuals can not open the using files.


open time:
Monday to Friday (except holidays and Tuesday afternoon ),
At 8:30--11:30 in the morning at 2:30--5:30 in the afternoon.

Email :
Tel. : 0351-3925047
Fax. : 0351-3925047
Address : North University of China Xueyuan Road 3, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China 030051


For users'convenience the archive supply services to students as below :
make English certificates for grades and bonus
deal with the grades of undergraduates: you can take the original copy during ten workdays
deal with the grades of postgraduates: it can help you translate and seal the original copy, you can take it after one week
translate the diploma and degree certificates: both will be certificated and translated in the archive. You can take it after one week
If you want to have the Chinese grades' service, you have to bring your ID card and if you want translating service, you have to bring your employee's ID card. If you are entrusted to do this,
please take the card of the one who entrust you.